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A new year, a new day



Morning Pages.... January 19, 2017

Wow-- I'd like to know where the year went?   It seems that every day just passes so quickly and that it was just yesterday that I was 35 years old.   Man, my birthday is next week and as I reflect upon my life, I feel one emotion-- big time.  Gratitude.  

I'm grateful for my health, grateful that I can get up everyday and put my socks on and that I am surrounded by such wonderful friends and family who make my life rich.  I've been digging through catalog since the first of the year and am revisiting songs written with my friends. Here's one that really hits home right now. I wrote it with my friend from Nashville, CJ Watson. CJ is one of the "diamonds" you rarely find in this business.  His gift for lyric crafting and melodic phrasing is beyond many out there.  Plus, he's an incredible guitar player and overall guru producer in the studio. Thanks CJ for sharing your gift with me.   

Enjoy!  Happy Day