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Songs Sung by Others

by Donna Britton Bukevicz

Released 2017
Mountain Row Music
Released 2017
Mountain Row Music
Songs from my publishing catalog that feature other artists (or the co-writer) on vocals. Some of the outstanding co-writers are Bryan Steele, CJ Watson, Aaron Zimmer, Jeff Orr, Evan Olson, Dave Tough, Tre Houston. I'm delighted to share these with you!
The songs featured on this CD contain a group of songs written over the past 15 years in Nashville and also virtually with Bryan Steele. The newest song in this group is the song "One", which is an Anthem that will lift the spirits up to be the best that you can be. Co-written with the fabulous Bryan Steele who also produced the song and is featured as the artist.

The song "Close" was co-written with Aaron Zimmer and is featured in the documentary, Cuddle and was recorded at RCA Studio in Nashville, produced by grammy nominated producer Dave Tough.

Air that I breathe was co-written with Jeff Orr who also produced the song and features Tamara Marcella on vocals.

Better than Yesterday is a fairly new song written with Bob Klein, Kathy Stanley and Kevin (who is the featured artist on the song) IT was produced in Kevin's studio by Bob Klein and Kevin played all the instruments.

Evan Olson is a co-writer and featured artist on "You R The Girl", "It's my Call", "You & Me Yeah" and "Daisy's Smile". Evan's style of singing and producing is super pop and commercial. These songs are great songs to dance to.

There is a lot to choose from here as far as pop, singer-songwriter, country, hip-hop, teen pop, dance and rock.


Songs featured in the film PASSAGE

Dream Big Dreams written with Nashville songwriter CJ Watson & DC composer, Samir Moussa

Featured in the Play "Bouncin'

Written with Award Winning Songwriter, Paul Reisler

Live, Laugh & Love Released by Curtis Braly

Co-written with Anthony Little & Kat Korac, Represented by Jonathan Stone of Radar Music in LA

Everyday is Christmas

Written with Nashville Singer-Songwriter Dani Carroll

Waiting on the Weekend co-written with CJ Watson

Release on Rock Band Network Videogame

Bringing Love to the Party Co-Written & Produced by Bryan Steele