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4/22/2018:  WSRE & WUFT AIR "The Eco Team" on April 22, 2018 - EARTH DAY.      




12/2017:  I have had a blast this year writing for Linda Palmer, The producer of this terrific short-film called Passage.  The storyline hit me SO HARD that upon reading the script, the songs just starting flowing out of me.  I wrote a little song called Dreamcatcher and sent it off to Linda to see what she thought.  Then after reading the script in-dept, I saw that another song would fit perfectly for the "radio-scene" where Jesse is riding down the road listening to a song on the radio (guess what? IT's me singing on the radio! while the actor is singing along with me (which is actually her voice in the movie, How cool is that?) That song  is  Dream Big Dreams  and was co-written with my dear friend CJ Watson nearly 12 years ago in Nashville.

Passage has been accepted as OFFICIAL selection in the Idyllwild 2018 International Festival of Cinema.  Here's the cool part, I have 4 songs featured in this film, including the opening them song written with Grammy voting member, Samir Moussa.  Stay tuned as this is going to be a fun ride here folks...  It's also submitted to Nashville Film Festival and Sundance so 2018 is going to be a great ride.


5/3/2017:  Music Supervisor & Composer for the short film, Passage.  Donna is composing songs for the film Passage written by colleague and friend Linda Palmer, LA Producer, writer & Director of award winning films like Halloween Party, Last Call at Murray's and Our Father.  The first song written for the film is called "Dreamcatcher".  Checkout the youtube of the song (rough cut).  You can support the film here -

 Stay tuned for collaboration song with Grammy voting member & DC Singer-Songwriter Moussa from Ambassadors of Morning.








12/2/2016:   "Fearless" is featured in  Bouncin’– The New Kid Pan Alley musical !

On Dec 2, 2016, Bouncin' had their first concert read of the new Kid Pan Alley musical at at George Mason University Center for the Arts • TheaterSpace• Concert reading of new Kid Pan Alley musical 

My co-writer, Paul Reisler on the song "Fearless"  wrote the script and he composed all of the songs featured in this musical with kids across the country!  It’s a story of friendship, the breaking apart of that friendship, and then coming back together through crisis.  The songs are amazing!  George Mason University is workshopping it right now in preparation for a run next year.  Directed by Ken Elston with additional material and dramaturgy by Jim Magruder. Info



October 20, 2016 -   

VOODOO WINS BEST ORIGINAL SONG at Los Angeles Film Festival Awards!




Songs featured in the film PASSAGE

Dream Big Dreams written with Nashville songwriter CJ Watson & DC composer, Samir Moussa

Featured in the Play "Bouncin'

Written with Award Winning Songwriter, Paul Reisler

Live, Laugh & Love Released by Curtis Braly

Co-written with Anthony Little & Kat Korac, Represented by Jonathan Stone of Radar Music in LA

Everyday is Christmas

Written with Nashville Singer-Songwriter Dani Carroll

Waiting on the Weekend co-written with CJ Watson

Release on Rock Band Network Videogame

Bringing Love to the Party Co-Written & Produced by Bryan Steele