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Nashville Sensation Writes Music from Warrenton


Donna Britton Bukevicz Shines from Fauquier


By Danica Low

Do you know your neighbors?


She sings. She writes songs. She has a tour schedule. She is an Oscar contending vocalist for the song Voodoo, written by fellow Nashville song writers, which competed with Adele’s Skyfall for the win.


Donna has shared the stage with Amy Grant, Al Jarreau, Don Henley, Billy Idol, Martha Reeves, The Four Seasons and The Bangles.


She lives in Warrenton. Donna Britton Bukevicz is a vibrant, enthusiastic, and thoughtful artist. And she is just one of the hidden artistic jewels we have uncovered living among us right here in Fauquier.


And yet, you may not ever know, just by seeing this lady hang out at De Ja Brew on a Wednesday morning, or catching her jetting from Allegro after teaching a songwriting class, that Donna has just returned from Nashville.


You might not guess, given her laid back Warrenton style and casual Fauquier attitude, that she has just spent a week working with Nashville big wigs preparing to pitch her song catalog to labels like Sony Music.  


An artist at the top


She says, “It’s important to note that I have a fall touring schedule.” In between studio and production work, that is. Donna shares that her spot at the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival in September highlights her status as an accomplished artist. She says, “Major writers from Nashville and Los Angeles are hand-chosen to perform at this festival each year.”


Perhaps most exciting in Donna’s world right now is a song called "Thank you", which she co-wrote with Bob Klein (another Nashville songwriter). It has been submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and LA Shorts Film Festival. It is time to cross your fingers and your toes for Donna, because if this song makes the final rounds of submission, she will travel and perform on the festival’s Red Carpet event. And, the song will be entered for Oscar consideration.


A philanthropic heart


Recently, Donna organized Make Music Day Warrenton for Allegro, with passion, zeal and the kind of know-how that only industry vets have. Perhaps her strongest passion is the way she marries music and philanthropy. She serves as ambassador for Team Green World, for which she sings its commercial theme song, and hosts events nationwide to raise awareness for its cause.


Donna expresses her love of Fauquier: “This community is GREAT!”  She has found the time to volunteer songwriting and music programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Fauquier. But it doesn’t stop there. As she is currently in the studio recording children's songs to be featured in an upcoming music video and possible PBS Broadcast, Donna has included some children from the Boys & Girls Club to be featured in these music videos. And Donna finds time to support Auburn Middle School’s music curriculum.


What’s next


Fauquierians will have their chance to hear Donna perform live this October in Marshall at Stillwater Supper & Songs. The concert will also include music by Jack Bond, Nashville singer-songwriter.  (concert cancelled-sorry!)


Donna says, “My dream is to land that BIG cut with a major artist like Rascal Flatts or Celine Dion so that my hubby can retire and earn the time-off he so deserves. With patience, persistence and continuing to believe in myself, I just might achieve that goal. However, in the meantime, I am enjoying the ride I'm on and plan to keep the music alive in my life forever!”


Donna studied songwriting and performance at Berkley School of Music, and she's placed more than 75 songs in major motion pictures, television and independent artist releases. More on Donna can be read here: