Music Supervisor

Music Supervisors find and license music in order to set the mood and convey emotion in a film, commercial, video game, or TV show. That's what I've been doing for 15 years.


Donna Britton “Bukevicz” started her career as a touring singer-songwriter in LA, performing at The Improv, Palomino and Troubadour alongside Don Henley, the Bangles and Al Jarreau at The Bla Bla.  She studied songwriting at the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston and spent 15 years in Nashville as both a publisher and signed songwriter to Platinum Pen Publishing  located “on the row”. Donna is an Oscar contending vocalist (2012 song competing against Adele’s Skyfall), 2020 Oscar-contending Songwriter for her 2019 work on Turnover, the movie.   As a music supervisor, Donna focuses on helping storytellers convey emotion to audiences through song.   In addition to her musical skills as a songwriter and vocalist, Donna’s studied law as well as worked in the legal profession for 15 years, giving her a strong knowledge of all aspects of clearance, acquisition and licensing intellectual property.    Her people skills are exemplary.

Donna's television work has been heard on Showtime's "The L Word", VH1's House of Consignment, Access Hollywood, Fox Sports, Rock Band Network videogame, Sony PIctures "Dancing Ninja", Turnover the movie, Passage, Cat Dexx: Inkosi, Emmy Award winning Venice (the Series), Nashville Unleashed (filmed in Nashville), Cuddle the documentary, Director of Music Video "Close", and the indie-hit Halloween Party (oscar contending song and Best Soundtrack at Laughlin Film Festival).     

Donna’s impeccable taste in music has helped her soundtracks win awards and Oscar “consideration”. Through her 15 years as a music supervisor on films, web and television projects, she has contributed her skills to composing original songs for movies to her most recent work on Cat Dexx, where she won “Best Song” (vocalist and composer of song) at the Show Low Film Festival.   

2020-2021 Current Projects:  Music Supervisor & Composer

Hashtag Blessed, the movie (in development, scheduled for filming 11/2020)  

Civil Disobedience (web series in development)



Donna is a proud member of the Guild of Music Supervisors