Music Supervisor, Composer, Singer-Songwriter ; Post-Production April 2021,  RELEASE:  Holiday 2021

Music Supervisor, Composer, Singer-Songwriter ; Post-Production April 2021, RELEASE: Holiday 2021


It’s Christmastime and Jessi is all but excited. She finds herself with comparisonitis in the world of social media. Other women her age just seem to “have it all”, including that engagement ring. Jessi finds herself frustrated over her job at the local big box store, still struggling with the loss of her parents, and drowning in student loan debt. Her Grandma and friends seem to be concerned for her health and well being, and only want Jessi to be happy.  

Will Jessi ever see the love that is right in front of her? Will she continue down her dark path of negativity and struggle, or will the magic of Christmas shine light on her future?

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Original & Public Domain songs "to be considered" for Placement in Movie

Music Supervisor, Creative Director of Music

Music Supervisor, Creative Director of Music

Deep in the Heart of the Holiday: written by Patty Reese & Donna Britton, featuring Patty Reese.  Produced by Charlie Piltzer.

Let's Dance Under the Mistletoe: Written by Bryan Steele & Donna Britton, featuring Bryan Steele. Produced by Bryan Steele .

Oh Holy Night:  Public Domain, Produced by Nicolas Laget, Ambrosia Music, featuring Donna Britton Bukevicz,  

Lookin' for Christmas: Written by Corey Barker, Hailey Dawn, Donna Britton & Randy Scott Barnette, featuring Hailey Dawn

Oh What Fun:  Written by Tara Hack & Donna Britton, featuring Tara Hack.  Produced by Tara Hack.

Santa Lives in You: Written by Donna DeSopo, Joel Christopher Payne & Donna Britton, featuring Joel Christopher Payne (Santa Claus in Movie)  Produced by Nate Cornell.

Rockin' into Christmas:  Written by Peter Keys & Donna Britton, featuring Peter Keys.  Produced by Peter Keys.

Santa Claus is Real:  Written by Donna Britton, Avery Rodgers & Bryan Steele, featuring Avery Lynn.  Produced by Bryan Steele .

The Magic of Christmas:  Written by Tiffany Alvord, Matthew Shell & Donna Britton, featuring Tiffany Alvord.  Produced by Matthew Shell.

Candy Canes & Christmas: Written by Donna Britton, Bryan Steele, Avery Rodgers, featuring Avery Lynn.  Produced by Bryan Steele, Brunosteele Music.

Love Me Some Jolly Written by Donna Britton, Justine Blazer & Corey Barker, featuring Justine Blazer.  Produced by Justine Blazer.

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