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She's on the PROWL - written w/lyman ellerman


Cat Dexx is an ex-soldier who has the innate ability to walk among lions and an assortment of jungle beasts as she hunts and eliminates the scourge of poachers in Africa.  Her legend helps decrease the poacher numbers significantly until a select group of the world's uber rich one percenters, led by Dr. Evan Mankin, ups the stakes and include genetically altered super Rhinos among the list of trophies. To sweeten the pot he adds a magnificent Lion hand raised by Cat, and, ultimately, Cat herself.

A female 'Rambo' hunts poachers in Africa 'Tarantino' style!

SHE'S ON THE PROWL Written by Donna E. Bukevicz (ASCAP) & Lyman Ellerman (BMI) Mountain Row Music (ASCAP) & Woodshed Resistence Music (BMI) ©2018 All Rights Reserved