Songwriting & Voice Masterclass Sessions

Private One-on-One via Zoom       

Songwriting  Masterclass

Includes: Four (4) One-hour Weekly Sessions via zoom.

Songwriting Masterclass sessions are once a week, for a period of 8 weeks. After which you can schedule your masterclass on a monthly basis.   


*Book costs are extra

In addition to other vocal and songwriting educational books, I use  Berklee College of Music curriculum as my guideline which are at college level studies.  

Voice Masterclass:

Includes:  Four (4) one-half hour weekly sessions @200/month).  * 



Would you like to learn how to play the Ukulele or guitar?

I also teach beginning Ukulele and Guitar via Zoom - and it's FUN!

Ukulele or Guitar Lessons:  Includes:  Four (4) one-half hour weekly sessions  

$200.00 per month

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to setup your FREE Zoom consultation. 

*Book costs are extra

You can book your  Masterclass Sessions with Donna directly.   After which, payment can be pay by Paypal or VENMO BELOW.  Let's find your "musical voice" and let the fun begin!   Email Donna at








Music Business Consultations:   Learn how to establish your PRO for your songs (ASCAP/BMI),   discuss ownership of intellectual property, work for hires on recording projects, letters of administration,   oversee administration of song catalog with ASCAP, BMI, The MLC, etc.   You can schedule this for a 30 minute session here.  PAYMENT by Paypal or VENMO. 

Recording Projects:   Assist in song development, (both in and out of studio) vocal phrasing, production of songs written in masterclass, discuss song production details, melody and vocal coaching, phrasing, selection of production studio, etc.    The hourly rate is $75 and an estimate is prepared on a per-project basis (with a 50% deposit to be paid before the beginning of your recording project).

What are people saying about Donna?


Meet Sarah, my 17 year old student who has been studying Songwriting with me for nearly 8 months now.   This song was written in our songwriting masterclass together.   She is an excellent student who has a lovely voice and vision about what she wants to sing about.    In addition to being Sarah's teacher, my time included overseeing the production of the song with the producer and going in the studio to assist her with vocal phrasing.   

 Nicolas Laget owner of The Sweet Spot Studio, arranged and produced.  I'm sure after listening you will agree that he is a five-star producer.


"Since connecting with Donna, my daughter has gained a lot of detailed, valuable information about songwriting and is growing as a music artist before my eyes. Donna has dedicated her time, support, and used her expertise in the music industry, to guide and nurture her talents in music.

Finding someone with a music education who is also successfully working in the music industry has been a golden opportunity. My daughter looks forward to her time with Donna and we are sincerely grateful for the knowledge and opportunities she shares with her students". 

Holly, Sarah's Mom

Artist & Songwriter Development

Meet Avery Lynn

Candy Canes  & Christmas was written in the Songwriting Masterclass with Avery.    The song was pitched to a movie director and ultimately featured in the movie - Hashtag Blessed (to be released 2022 holiday).    Bryan Steele was brought in as a 3rd writer and producer of the song.  The director loved Avery so much that she asked her to be in the movie in a scene opposite of Santa.

Music Video produced by Martina Webster, Darmar Production, LLC.

Candy Canes & Christmas ft. Avery Lynn Written by: Donna Estelle Bukevicz (ASCAP), Bryan Steele (BMI) Avery Lynn Rodgers (ASCAP) Published by: Mountain Row Music (ASCAP), Bruno Steele Music (BMI) Averys World Music (ASCAP) Produced by: Bryan Steele at Bruno Steele Music © 2021 All Rights Reserved Music Licensed and Courtesy of: Molly Girl Music, LLC.


A Picture is worth a thousand words...

With VP of Ole Music, Giles Goddard at Nashville: NSAI Songwriting Event